NFL Players Suing For Workers’ Compensation – Head Injuries At All Levels Are Cause For Concern

In light of the lasting damage caused by head injuries, NFL players are catching on that they can get workers’ comp benefits. We hope the NFL takes all necessary steps to protect its players, and we are glad that the workers’ comp system protects all injured workers.

A recent ESPN article highlighted this recent phenomenon:

“Playing professional football is inherently dangerous, but the known risks do not prevent players — and former players — from filing workers’ compensation claims against teams, courts have ruled. And while an individual compensation award might cost a team just $20,000, the changing types of claims being filed could end up costing teams millions of dollars a year.”

The article also points out that teams might be liable for millions in yearly claim payments and that at least one insurance broker who has worked with an NFL team thinks that workers’ compensation costs could force significant changes to how the game is played on the field. It saddens us that cost, not player safety, could be the cause of this much-needed change, but we welcome anything that will keep our workers — and players — safe.

We recommend that you read the whole article to get a better understanding of how football injuries can have serious and long-lasting effects. This is important, not just from a fan’s pespective, but also because young children and adolescents have suffered irreperable harm from injuries incurred while playing amateur football.

For this recent ESPN report highlights a case where a young player was paralyzed after an on-the-field play went wrong:


Check out this video for an entertaining debate between Malcolm Gladwell, Buzz Bissinger, TIm Green and Jason Whitlock about the place of football in America’s colleges:

BAN COLLEGE FOOTBALL – On WNET from Intelligence Squared U.S. on Vimeo.

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