Insurance Companies Join Coalition to Mitigate Natural Disaster Risks

Volunteer groups are providing assistance to residents of Union Beach, N.J. who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Volunteer groups are providing assistance to residents of Union Beach, N.J. who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

Today’s post comes to us from our colleague Jon Gelman from New Jersey.

As weather patterns have changed, and 100 year storms seem to be occurring across the nation every year, insurance companies are joining others in a coalition of other voices to speak out on mitigating damages and presenting harm to workers.

The dangers to first responders and rescue workers have become enormous. NJ Governor Chris Christie spoke out on Saturday Night Live about the unnecessary increased risk, when even city mayors of costal communities defy evacuation orders, and unnecessarily put  workers in harms way. He called those who defy evacuation orders “idiots.”

Name-calling doesn’t solve problems, but reasonable action does. was established to support and advocate for smarter, more effective policies to help people in need, promote disaster safety and preparedness, and foster sounder environmental stewardship of our fragile coastal ecosytems.

“We simply can’t go on subsidizing enormous numbers of people to live in areas that are prone to huge natural disasters.” Eli Lehrer a member of, a Washington-based coalition, on subsidies for rebuilding coastal communities.

Read the complete article in the NY Times: As Coasts Rebuild and U.S. Pays, Repeatedly, the Critics Ask Why


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