What Young Workers Need To Know About Their Social Security Benefits

teenage workerToday’s post comes to us from our colleage Ryan Benharris of Massachusetts.

According to a recent article published in the Palm Beach News Post, approximately one in four workers under the age of thirty will become disabled before reaching their full retirement age of 67. What many workers do not realize is that Social Security will pay benefits if you become incapable of performing any substantial gainful activity.

It is astounding that 25% of the population will likely suffer a work ending disability. In a poor economy with job availability flailing and gas prices rising, it is becoming increasingly more important to know your rights to protect yourself and your family if you become unable to work. It is truly a shame that many individuals do not know that they may be eligible for benefits that could provide them with income and medical treatment that they may otherwise not have.

25% of the population will likely suffer a work ending disability

The easiest way to stay informed about your rights is to keep meticulous files of anything you receive from Social Security. Each year, the Social Security Administration sends all American citizens a breakdown of their potential benefits in the system; including a detailed list of your previous year’s earnings. This breakdown specifically outlines what benefits will become available to you if you become unable to work.

If you think that it is possible that you might be out of work for twelve months or more based on a disability, you should apply for Social Security Disability Benefits immediately. If you have not worked in the past (or even if you have), but also have limited income, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income which pays benefits to disabled adults and children.

If you have questions regarding Social Security Disability or SSI, please contact our office at any time.

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