Monday Workers’ Comp Q&A: Does going back to work ruin my case?

If your doctor clears you to return to work, go ahead - just make sure you follow the right steps.


ANSWER: Not at all!

This question comes up a lot in Workers’ Compensation cases. When someone is injured they have to balance their personal and professional obligations while including their injury as a new variable.

This is completely understandable. Oftentimes people want to try to get back to work but are not sure if their body will hold up. This uncertainty can cast a shadow over everything a person has to consider when they have a work injury.

First and foremost you should speak to your doctor and find out what you are physically capable of. While your injury may be improving, you may not be able to return at 100%.

If your doctor clears you to return to work in at least a limited capacity, you should be sure to keep track of the paperwork provided to you by both your doctor and your employer.

Finally, there are a number of issues that can continue to arise on any claim. One of them is the potential for a “reduced earnings” award that is the result of a person’s returning to work, but not at full duty or full time. If you have questions about reduced earnings, and whether this might be an issue on your case, be sure to consult with an attorney.

A Return To Work Checklist

  1. Doctor’s note and limitations.
  2. Letter from employer about your return to work.
  3. Paystubs and tax information following your return to work.
  4. Continued reports from your doctor.

And most importantly, if you return to work but find that your condition is getting worse or your symptoms increase, see your doctor immediately and further discuss how you should proceed.

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