Important Changes Are Coming to Social Security in 2012

Changes to Social Security are coming in 2012. Beginning in the new year, the threshold (maximum amount) a disabled, non-blind, person can make per month to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits will increase from $1,000 per month to $1,010 per month. This cap is how the Social Security Administration defines Substantial Gainful Activity.

One quarter of coverage is now $1,130, up from $1,120, and maximum taxable earnings have increased from $106,800 to $110,100.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will go up from $674 per month to $698 per month,  in step with the general 3.6% cost of living increase for all benefits. This amount does not include any State Supplement.

For the complete report on 2012 Social Security Changes, check out this Fact Sheet.

If you are wondering what the implications of these changes will be for you, learn more at, or contact your attorney.

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